Sleep Talk – Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy, a Beginner’s Roadmap

Sleep Talk – Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy, a Beginner’s Roadmap

On September 2nd I’m scheduled as the special guest for this year’s Sleep Tampa Bay’s SLEEP ROCKS event in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  But guess what?  They’ve asked me to break down the Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy at a more intimate gathering on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st.

If you are curious about how diet can help mitigate narcolepsy symptoms and you wonder how you can make dietary changes when you battle daily with excessive daytime sleepiness and brain fog, come join me as I share my Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy Beginner’s Roadmap. We’ll discuss how you can make EASY, narcolepsy friendly changes to your diet that will positively impact your symptoms.

Please join me and Sleep Tampa Bay to celebrate sleep health and sleep disorder awareness!!  I’d love to see you there!


WHEN:     7:45 pm – 8:45 pm Friday, September 1, 2017

WHERE:   Sheraton Sand Key Resort     1160 Gulf Boulevard – Clearwater Beach, Florida     *Meet on the beach BEHIND the resort

WHAT TO BRING: Beach chair/blanket

PARKING: Public parking is available in front of the resort.  Additional parking is available a quarter mile north at Sand Key Park.  Please leave early so you have time to park.

And don’t forget to join us for the main event, Sleep Tampa Bay Sleep ROCKS!!! on Saturday!

For more information, please visit Sleep Tampa Bay’s group page on Facebook or email

Sleep Tampa Bay is a grassroots collective of people that love to support healthy sleep.  With Spring and Fall awareness events they create a feeling of community and awareness for people with all types of sleep disorders.

Your Madcap Miss (a.k.a. Gina Dennis)

Let me be totally up front here…I AM NOT A DOCTOR, nor am I a nutritionist, I only have a tiny amount of formal training in such things as a Health Coach.  But I am a person with narcolepsy who uses dietary and lifestyle changes to mitigate my narcolepsy symptoms.  I’ve been experimenting with these changes since July 2011 and have successfully maintained a high level of narcolepsy symptom management since that date.  And so has my family with narcolepsy.   This website contains our personal stories, failures, and experiments.  In this website I will share with you the information that I have found most credible and some practical ideas for mitigating narcolepsy symptoms.  I beg you to check with your doctor before initiating any of the dietary changes I speak of, especially if you are taking any medications.

Madcap Disclaimer

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      • It’s easy for me to talk about myself but man! It’s rough when I talk about my son. Hug your baby boy and know that by getting out there and gathering information for his health is a strong act and one that will bring you closer to him.

    1. Please about the book writing as soon as you can as I just found out my 12-year-old son has narcolepsy and I want to help him as fast as I can and BE knowledgeable as much as I can so he can have a wonderful future.

      • Charlene, I won’t be writing a book but will be publishing the information shared at the Sleep Talk here on the website within the next 2 months. Please stay tuned and we’ll get you some more knowledge so you can assist your son.

    2. SO… Where’s the diet? I don’t happen to live near the hotel at which you are speaking. I thought at LEAST you talk carbs, sugar, energy foods, time to eat what, maintaining a schedule. Maybe all that is on here SOMEWHERE, but, Lord, at least write a Book for those of us who can’t afford to attend out of state lectures!

      • Oh Keith! I’m working on it, fast as I can. Madcap Narcolepsy is a part time gig as I already have a full time job. So I do this in the between spaces so to speak.

        So… no book in the works BUT, I am putting a post on the website in late September/early October that is basically what I will be presenting at the conferences. AND in late October I will have a deep dive, step by step, online course available as well.

        I hope you can stick with me till then. If you really really need immediate information check out the Diet Doctor website at There is a TON of information there for a newbie. There’s a book called Keto Clarity that is an easy read if you would prefer a book format.

        IF YOU ARE TAKING XYREM, please email me. The diet can mimic xyrem to a certain degree so some precautions need to be in place.

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