What Madcap Madness is This?

The Madcap MissAdventures of a Narcoleptic is a website dedicated to guiding people with narcolepsy toward dietary and lifestyle changes to mitigate their symptoms. Throughout this site, you’ll find humorous adventures and practical advice, as well as easy to follow diet and lifestyle tips and tricks.

About the Madcap Miss (a.k.a. Gina Dennis):

  • Gina was diagnosed with narcolepsy in 2004 at age 32
  • When medication quit working she changed to a gluten free/low carb diet (July 2011) to help mitigate symptoms
  • Gina’s mom and son have narcolepsy and started the diet in December 2011 and July 2012 respectively
  • With diet Gina, her mom, and her son have a 70-90% REDUCTION in narcolepsy symptoms

Join the Madcap Miss as she shows you a path OUT of narcolepsy and INTO life!  Click HERE to get started!

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A note from your Madcap Miss:

Let me be totally up front here…I AM NOT A DOCTOR, nor am I a nutritionist, OR have any, ANY formal training in such things.  I am just a person with narcolepsy and with family members with narcolepsy.  I also happen to use dietary and lifestyle changes to mitigate my narcolepsy symptoms and have been experimenting with these changes since July 2011.  I have successfully maintained a high level of narcolepsy symptom management since then, as have my family members.  This website contains our personal stories, failures, and experiments.  In this website I will share with you the information that I have found most credible and some practical ideas for mitigating narcolepsy symptoms.  I beg you to check with your doctor before initiating any of the dietary changes I speak of, especially if you are taking any medications.

Madcap Disclaimer