Narcolepsy Network Conference 2017: Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy – A Beginner’s Roadmap

Narcolepsy Network Conference 2017: Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy – A Beginner’s Roadmap

In October 2017 I had the honor of presenting The Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy – A Beginner’s Roadmap at the Narcolepsy Network Conference in Portland, Oregon.

If you are curious about how diet can help mitigate narcolepsy symptoms and you wonder how you can make dietary changes when you battle daily with excessive daytime sleepiness and brain fog, watch this presentation as I share the Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy – A Beginner’s Roadmap.  I’ll show you how you can make EASY, narcolepsy friendly changes to your diet that will positively impact your symptoms.

Wendy W. says “Hi Gina – I met you at the Narcolepsy Network Conference and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! Because of your excellent presentation of the Madcap Diet — I left the conference feeling empowered to try dietary changes to help with my N symptoms (and make Xyrem work!). You have a real gift for distilling your experience and then offering people 1 or 2 really easy ways to begin changing their diet. Authentic and genuine, your presentation of your “lived experience” shows just how much you want to help people – not by telling them what to do, but by sharing your own journey, thoughts, and feelings. So, thank you again for doing what you do. My doctor was baffled by my odd non-response to Xyrem, so if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known to change my diet. THANK YOU!!!

I hope you enjoy watching this presentation as much as I enjoyed presenting it.

Your Madcap Miss (a.k.a. Gina Dennis)


If you watched my video from the 2016 Narcolepsy Network Conference in Orlando, Florida (Diet for Narcolepsy – My Family’s Awakening), feel free to skip forward to marker 10:38 of this presentation to see new content.

There were multiple handouts that were made available to attendees and they can be downloaded… just click on the links below:

Let me be totally up front here…I AM NOT A DOCTOR, nor am I a nutritionist, I only have a tiny amount of formal training in such things as a Health Coach.  But I am a person with narcolepsy who uses dietary and lifestyle changes to mitigate my narcolepsy symptoms.  I’ve been experimenting with these changes since July 2011 and have successfully maintained a high level of narcolepsy symptom management since that date.  And so has my family with narcolepsy.   This website contains our personal stories, failures, and experiments.  In this website I will share with you the information that I have found most credible and some practical ideas for mitigating narcolepsy symptoms.  I beg you to check with your doctor before initiating any of the dietary changes I speak of, especially if you are taking any medications.

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    1. I have been telling my Dr that carbs (and foods in general) have something to do with Narcolepsy and eventually stopped seeing Dr and taking medicine. I take caffeine pills only when necessary. Pizza a definite downer after having it for lunch. Your presentation hit the spot for me. Already eating much like you recommended. Will put the rest of your ideas into place.

      • Hi Suzanne! So many of us put the connection together and I’m so glad you had made changes based on your intuition. My hope it to eventually be able to take this message to the medical community and bring greater awareness to just how impactful (good and bad) diet can be to our symptoms.

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