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  1. waiting spell bound for part 3…..in the meantime, good idea to follow diet necessary if you have diabetis 2, of course now I will be even more careful although the connection should have been obvious and my good professor should and could have drawn it to my attention. I will now inform my doctor for internal medicine that handles my metabolic syndrome……it all hangs together doesn’t it. I live in Vienna Austria, have had narcolepsy for 55 years, have been involved in sleep research, and now things are really getting moving. thank god for our socialized medicine, however, I really do not see how the average person could afford the medicines necessary to keep the ‘balance’. by the way, am going to show my neurologist, he studied ‘sleep’ in the united states, your website, I know he will be impressed with the carefulness you are taking in offering your advice.

    • So happy to have you along for this ride Sharon! Part 3 is in the works and should post soon. I’m really excited to share with you and others the link between gut health and brain health.

      I appreciate your willingness to share my posts with your doctors. You can easily print them out by clicking on the PDF link at the end of each post.

      Can’t wait to share the rest of this adventure with you!

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